Potential Partners

LV Air is a luxury brand. We are seeking other luxury and upscale brands to engage in making flying in the US on LV Air even better.

Each sponsor or partner opportunity has to accomplish two things:

  1. Add an amenity to the aircraft that increases the experience level
  2. Solve a problem that currently exist in flying today.

Regardless, all partners must be willing to give our passengers an EXCLUSIVE arrangement on LV Air. Our passengers are premium and experienced travelers with a high spending profile and deserve the best.

We will carry Players from around the country to Las Vegas as well as passengers on vacation that are seeking a new luxury experience in the air. Nobody will sell Las Vegas quite like LV Air.

We’re seeking gaming instructional brands, luxury blanket, pillows, and high end merchandise and jewelry partners to augment the requests we have already received. We are seeking the best and truly enjoy “challenger” brand with a strong distribution platform and high quality standards .

All items will be stored on the aircraft and delivered immediately upon purchase. Items setup in our Cloud (smart phone) system, call center and concierge center will be delivered on site in Las Vegas within 8 hours of the Player purchase.

Contact Sarah Johnston at sarah@flylvairnow.com to submit your idea to become a partner brand. Please give us a link to your website and a short synopsis of your company history.

All applicants will be contacted; if you become a partner brand, we will insure your success on our flights as we serve new luxury in the sky.